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It’s my birthday! Normally I’d spend my time thinking about what I got, who wrote on my wall, or sent the most meaningful text message praising me. But, after a whirlwind of a year, I sit here and reflect on what mattered the most.

  1. It’s okay to go at your own pace: 

Just because you’re not where you want to ultimately be, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. Patience is a virtue.

2. Learn to unlearn:

It takes 12 days to break a habit (in my case 12 months). Whether it’s gossiping, cursing (sorry mom!), or procrastination. I think I’m at a good place where I can easily let go of the things that are weighing me down.

3. Identify who’s there to help you when you’re down, and those who wants to bury you in the ground: 

No extensive words.. just.. it means what it means 😉

4. Be kind to others:


5. Speak kindly of others: 

Gossiping is like pizza-binging for the soul. I feel good in the moment but then I get kinda blitzed out and irritated at myself and I worry if it becomes a habit I’ll get soul obesity or something. I never feel bad when I say something good about someone. I think this says a lot.

6. Stop saying sorry:

This tendency is unfortunate because when you whip out Sorry for every potentially uncomfortable situation that likely isn’t your fault anyways, the word loses power. Apologize when you mean it, not when you feel you have to say it.

7. Actually listen to your Mom. She really is right (about most things).

I always credit myself with having good intuition, but sometimes you have to call on mom for those extra tough situations.

8. Be completely honest with yourself:

Be secure in the person you are. It’s a pretty human reaction to wanna come off as interesting and amazing as possible, but people can usually tell when you’re trying to be impressive. There’s something really refreshing about someone who doesn’t need to fluff up their tail feathers. I wish I learned this one about ten years ago.

9. Celebrate your friends: 

True friends recognize both the best and worst sides of you, and decide to love ya anyways. I realized recently that I find the most inner strength from the strength my closest friends recognize in me.

10. You don’t have to know everything:

There’s nothing wrong with saying I dunno. I used to feel stupid not knowing stuff. Being aspiring journalist, to me it seemed that you had to know everything. It’s okay being vulnerable to learning (even the simplest) new things.



11. Sleep is my best friend (only when I’m not working): 

You’re not missing anything. Catch them Zzzz’s before you catch them hands of time!

12. It’s okay to be in a relationship with yourself. 

Okay, not how y’all think, but treat ya’self!

13. Doing the right thing is not the easiest.

It takes courage to make decisions that are true to yourself. Fear’s gotta be conquered by your own set of moral principles. Even if you don’t like the consequences sometimes.

14. Take a break from the world.

Being a Social Media Specialist, it’s my job to keep up with the latest trends in fashion, news, and technology. But even if it seems like a dream job, it can really take a physical toll. Aside from my job, social media in the 21st Century seems like an unpaid job within itself. You’re keeping up with friends from college/high school, staying on trend with celebrities, lurking on your e-bae and seeing if he watched your snap.. Now, I put my phone on airplane mode after 9, I spend time with my thoughts, do human things like reading and writing songs, and really meditate on becoming a better me. Besides, I start to feel slightly uncomfortable when I come to the realization that I seem so infested with someone’s life.

15. Exercise:

It’s incredible that we have the capacity to get such a physical and mental natural high just from moving around. Hop, doggy paddle, hula hoop, wrestle, run, push up, tap dance. I always feel better after.

16. Don’t get conflicted on what you want and how you feel: 

I’ve kept my feelings inside because I was afraid of sabotaging the situation by making it too heavy. It’s hard to accept that if honesty is such a game-changer, it’s probably not such a good situation to be in after all. Confront how you feel or else you lose track of who you are.



17. Set Goals: 

It’s easy to feel bad without any personal objectives. The future looks really scary when you aren’t actively moving towards building some skill or experience for yourself. Some sorta future momentum makes everything feel better.

18. Turn your mistakes into lessons:

I coulda woulda shoulda. Man, I could write a new War and Peace on that but ultimately no one can change the past. Instead of regretting what’s happened or blaming others we really gotta evaluate how we can learn from painful situations. I’m trying to build up a big life-skill tool-belt. Hammer and chisel my way outta dilemma. Build a whole gazebo outta sorrow.

19. You can always miss out:

Even if it it leads to awkward, difficult or tense situations, it’s never too late to change your mind.

20. Stay at home:

Sometimes we feel socially obliged to move conversations forward when we think someone else isn’t having a good time. This inclination can be a positive thing, but can also be exhausting and sometimes unnecessary and sometimes just does you a disservice by turning you into a caricature of yourself. It’s so much nicer just to sit back and let things unfold.

21. Value your Family:

I’ll admit, being in college my first two years gave me loads and loads of pride. I felt that I didn’t need any help, didn’t want any help, and could be this amazon bad a** woman all by myself. Looking back, I realized how much of a jerk I was and never cherished the moments I had with them. Now, you can’t get me to go nowhere without feeling sad leaving them! Our loyalty towards one another is what keeps me going, and that’ll never change.

22. You are enough. Simple. 

23. Love yourself.

Most of us have moments from our pasts that creep into our minds and make our hearts and stomachs feel hollow. Regrets weave insecurity and fear into how we live our lives. In order to be healthy and stable in the present, we must accept and let go of what has already happened to us. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Be gentle with yourself.


I’m still learning. I need to call about insurance, and I’m learning about staying consistent. In fact- I need to make an appointment for a check up.. but I’m loving it and cherishing these growing pains.

2 thoughts on “23 Things I Learned Before Turning 24 | Lifestyle

  1. I like #10. I think verbally admitting that you don’t know something is more powerful than some realize. It shows that you can be honest not just with others but your self and that you are willing and open to new information. ❤︎

    1. Thanks for your comment Masha! I wholeheartedly agree! It’s definitely one of my weaker points of me but everyday is a new day to show vulnerability (safely) and learn something new! <3

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