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27 Gift Ideas for College Students Under $75!

The Fall semester is just about over, so what does that mean? Christmas Break is coming!

Although College is really the ultimate getaway into adulthood, it’s a great feeling to travel home and not stress over assignments and tests. With Christmas being around the corner, it’s a slight indication that the Spring Semester is coming right behind it. Don’t fret, I got really great gift ideas you can shop directly from this post! Here are some of my favorites!

An Amazon eGift Card:

Let me put you on some college game; the majority of our books and lessons are on Amazon! Of course you could spend on tech and games, but from a college grad’s POV, this will be the ultimate gift.

Apollo 39pc. ToolKit:

Although there maybe onsite maintenance around campus, sometimes it’s better to do them yourself.

(Shop Here)

Hungover Helper:

Because college.

The 52 List Project:

A journal to help you find all the beauty around you.

(Shop Here)

The Tiny Book of Tiny Pleasures:

Features prompts, recipes and little reminders that we often take for granted.

(Shop Here)

Eastport Wire Desk Organizer:

Compact but resourceful for organizing assignments, syllabuses, and extra school supplies.

(Shop Here)

Get Your Sh*T Together:

‘Cause sometimes, we all need a reminder of who the f**k we are.

(Shop Here)

Here are some other picks as well!


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