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28 Gift Ideas Under $50 for The Binge Watcher

With Netflix and Hulu taking over the television and movie world, it makes gift giving a whole lot harder.

Gone are the days where you could just get them a Blockbuster gift card and popcorn. Or maybe even a DVD set of ‘A Different World’ or “Fresh Prince” (but I linked them just in case!). Fashion is not really in their interest peak and they could honestly care less about a fancy restaurant. Times have changed in favor of the introvert, and that’s okay. Binge Watching, too me, is considered a competitive sport. Seeing who can watch and decipher a whole season within 24 hours takes major skill. And for those who brave it before a work day needs all of the medals.

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Sure you could go the easy route and get them a one year subscription. Or you could choose from these items below to totally win a spot as their ‘Binge Watch BFF’.


 Atlanta Poster Art ($25.99)

With his tremendous year in music, movies and television…why not?

















Riverdale Vixens ‘HBIC’ Baseball Tee ($21.00)

Because we all secretly love Cheryl Blossom.

Tituss Lemonading Sticker ($3.21)


















“Cant you see there’s no other man above you?”


Nothing that catches your interests? Take a look at some of my Binge watching essentials below!

What are some of your favorite Binge Watching items?

7 thoughts on “28 Gift Ideas Under $50 for The Binge Watcher

  1. I love a good binge watching session–cuddling up with nice blankets and just chilling. I’m just wondering what snacks you’ll have…

  2. This is a great list! I’m interested in the Starbucks box…that looks amazing! I would buy it for myself! My daughter needs some new headphones I’m going to check these out at Charming Charlie!

  3. These are the perfect gift for my daughter. I’m always conflicted as to what to get her and was just attempting to put together a care package for her i can add a few of these things as well.

  4. I’m obsessed with the Lemonading sticker! I might have to get one as a gift and for myself, ha! This post was so creative and thoughtful. I’m definitely sharing!

  5. I’m definitely a binge watcher. All I need is my blanket and some good snack…or and to turn everything else off so I can concentrate lol

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