4 Affordable Summer Dresses You Need To Have

Spring & Summer are two of my favorite seasons. Why? because you can throw on a dress, match it with a denim jacket and call it a day. I’ve been doing some online shopping to get me started and found some summer dresses I think you would love like I do.

Forever 21:

Seeing how this transitioned from Winter to Spring, it’s safe to say the cold shoulder trend is a perfect way to start your collection. Find this dress here.

Doesn’t this look comfortable? I’m guilty of never owning a T-shirt dress but this Orange number is going to change all of that! I’m going to San Antonio soon and this would be a perfect traveling dress.

Find it here


White always seem to compliment my skin tone whatever shade it may be. It’s colorful detail on the waist makes it even more festive for summer.

The dress is currently out of stock, find a similar dress here

Top Shop: 

Can I make a confession? I haven’t worn overalls since I was 12! But something about this gravitates my card to purchase this for those late summer nights on the porch. 

Find it here

20 thoughts on “4 Affordable Summer Dresses You Need To Have

  1. Oh I love that open shoulder dress – so cute! And the overalls – I do believe they are making a comeback! They were big when I was in *gasp* high school…guess I’m old enough to start seeing trends repeat themselves. Ha!

    1. hahaha! I totally feel you, seeing the ’90s trends’ come back has given me mixed feelings! Thanks for reading Christy!

  2. I love a gorgeous summer dress…and just recently I’ve been thinking I need to add some light airy pieces to my wardrobe. This post is right on time Taylor!

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