4 Lessons Being Unemployed Taught Me and How It Made Me A Stronger Person

Before you ask, yes I’m employed. I actually have two jobs (yay!) But it wasn’t all smiles and congrats.

I was unemployed as of May 31, 2017 and I’m proud to say that as of last week I found a job. Then, as of July 27, 2017 I got hired onto a second job. As much as I wanted to jump for joy and wail out happy cries, in the back of my mind I knew that I literally had to start all over. Is it what I really want to retire in? maybe not. Will it build up my experience for the time being? absolutely.

As I grow older I care less  of what others think of me. I’m not going in the business of exploiting my whole life online, but I’m not afraid to tell others that I’m not perfect. My bank account is grasping for air, my self-esteem has taken a couple of hard hits, and inspiration is wearing thin. I ask myself often, ‘How can you inspire others if you’re losing hope yourself?”.

It’s hard, it really is. But have no fear, it wasn’t all losses. I wrote more, I meditated way more than I did a couple of months ago, and I took some time to just stop and smell the roses. Sure, it may seem like a ‘waste of time’, but money doesn’t buy happiness, a healthy mind attracts it. As much as I want to write about my latest fashions and life hacks (which, by the way, is coming. soon.) I wanted to really just unload my mind. Hopefully someone who’s in the same situation or just need a life change can take something from these 4 hardcore lessons of unemployment:

1. You Will Get Rejected:

Guys, when I say Indeed and Glassdoor became my best friends? BELIVE THAT ISH. Indeed even sent me a gift for applying so much. I searched from ‘Communications’ to ‘Social Media Specialist’ to ‘Dog Walker’. For some, finding a job is probably the easiest thing in life. You could easily adjust interviews to the climate of the job, charm HR into a job, or finesse your way to the top position. For others, it’s a literal hell. Your untold anxiety of going into interviews, storing the feeling of intimidation up, and rehearsing your ‘best lines’ in your head. You will get some interviews and you won’t; but always stay prepared. Keep working on your craft and that’ll really be impressive when your first day comes.


2. Never Stop Working:

When I first started my unemployment journey I was LAZY. I woke up after 1pm, watched TV all day, and probably wore the same outfit. Of course I was running my blog and channel, but I figure it would be as easy as it was while I was working. WRONG! It was as if, my brain shut down! I had to decide for myself if I was just gonna become a statistic, or become an icon. My field is Communications and Journalism. I improved my photography skills, took a few video editing courses (YOUTUBE) and tried to learn something new everyday. You never know when your door will open so it’s best to be prepared when it is.


3. Your Supporters Will Make Themselves Known:

I didn’t tell many people about my unemployment. I barely wanted to tell my family because of embarrassment. Giving people the benefit of talking down on me was my biggest fear. But among naysayers are those who genuinely care about you and not see you for your current circumstance. Whether it be calling, sending you job searches, made me laugh or just simply giving words of encouragement (even if it’s harsh). Those are the one’s to keep around. If you’re one of the one’s helping me and reading this, thank you. You have no idea how much it’s helped, gave me hope and light when I didn’t see it for myself.



EYE’MMM going to admit for myself, I didn’t save while working. I’m pretty sure I’d be getting a lot of side eyes and ‘wyd, sis?!’ thoughts by now. I got stuck in a “Oh I’m going to stay at this job for a while so I have time to save” mindset and ran with it. If it wasn’t for my last two paychecks from my previous employer, I would’ve been high and dry. SAVE YA COINS. I had to turn down a lot of brunches, movie dates, and lituations because of my need to save what I had. LUCKILY I get paid this week to help with the bills. Don’t be dumb and go into a retail therapy session and lose all of your finances (no, I didn’t do this thank God!). Pay your bills, save your money, find something greater.


I start work today at 5, and I am closer to starting orientation for my next job. I’d like to thank God, my family and my friends (The Entourage and My Girls!). They’ve stuck with me through my toughest times and my easier times. I’m forever grateful. I’ll still continue blogging and creating content on my channel, but even greater.

To infinity and beyond.


Tay <3

20 thoughts on “4 Lessons Being Unemployed Taught Me and How It Made Me A Stronger Person

  1. I’m currently unemployed until September and I’ve also enjoyed sharpening skills for blog purposes. I’ve been soaking in so many damn tips, tricks, and strategies lol. But it’s been a great learning experience that I would not have had if I was working the way I was just a month ago. I told myself I couldn’t just sit around and be idle and it’s been a rewarding experience. Congratulations on your employment!

    1. Thank you! It’s so crazy when I stopped doing what I loved I kind of gotten duller with my skills! Luckily it wasn’t for long when I realized I HAVE to keep going! Thanks for reading!

  2. This is great! I’m currently looking for work after graduating from college and I could definitely use some of these tips. Looking forward to keeping up with your journey!

  3. I just started my job yesterday, but in between graduating and applying, I was a mess lol. I do wish I had used more of my time a bit more productively…tried, but anxiety got me down for a stint. Great things to keep in consideration (especially saving money)!

  4. Love the comments, your supporters will make themselves known. In my world, very few! Super sad, because I have always worked , not taken vacations and really now.

  5. Thanks for sharing your lessons learned while being unemployed. I’m in the process of making a transition real soon and have a little more to save (as a back up plan). I will take your lessons to heart. Thanks!

  6. So real! Thank you for this. The biggest lesson I learned when I was unemployed is that life is not linear and sometimes doing what we want to do means we have to do what we have to do or do what we don’t prefer to do for a time. Doing what we want to do also may mean, as you’ve stated, starting over. Whew. Thanks again and congrats on your new job(s).

  7. Growth comes from the most unexpected places. What we think are tragedies usually are triumphs. I like how you took it all is stride; that is inspirational.

  8. I’ve most certainly been in this place before. I got fired from my very 1st corporate job, 3 months into it. I didn’t know what to do. Trying to land a new job was HELL! I’ve never held another full time job, but I definitely have more compassion for people who are out there looking because it’s not easy.

  9. So happy for you and definitely wishing you the best! It isn’t easy to share your story. Keep working on your craft, have faith in yourself, one day the right person will notice!

  10. This entire article is full of gems! I’ve found myself in a similar a few times before, and the same 4 Takeaways you shared and God of course got me through. I’ve learned that life does that to us sometimes, puts us in a challenging situation, but its certainly not to destroy us; it’s to make us stronger. Best wishes for success on these two new jobs!

  11. It’s so easy to get caught up in the monotony of doing “nothing” when you’re unemployed. Then you realized you are stuck in a void and have to start over, which can be a daunting task. Oh, how life is a learn as you go process. The lessons that you’ve learned from this experience can be applied to everything else you will experience later in life so keep those lessons in mind and you will remain on track to success. Congrats and best of luck on your new jobs. Great post

  12. Many times these disappointments/setbacks are getting us ready for an even better comeback! Congrats on bouncing back and thanks for these great tips! Saving is key!

  13. with today’s economy, many are finding themselves in the same situation. Thanks for sharing ideas to keep spirits up, and move ahead –

  14. Your honesty inspires me to use my time between jobs wisely. I just got laid off. At first, I sulked too, but then I realized–like you–that this was time that I should throw wholeheartedly into my blog. That if this is my dream, then in the time I have before the phone rings again–which it has–I should make as much headway as I can every minute that I am at home. I have learned more about seo and email marketing than I ever said I would, because I realize that this time is a gift; a gift of an internship in my own business. So thanks for reminding me that I am not crazy and that this journey is absolutely necessary, so that I can actually quit the next job once my “blog baby” takes off.

  15. Great post! I’ve fortunately not been in this position yet but you never know when it could happen to you. It’s great to know your not the only one and that you will eventually find something again. All the best x

  16. Girl, I felt like you studied me a wrote this point. It is definitely relatable. Unemployment is nerve wrecking but it is such a great teacher!

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