4 Tips to Keeping Your Skin In Check During the Winter

Although Winter is a golden time to showcase your best layering outfits and boots, it can also be a horrible time for your skin. Like a tire, levels of the body, more specifically your skin, begins to decline. In the summer months, your Vitamin D intake is leveled because of the exposure to the sun. With the Winter months coming in and hiding the sun, those Vitamin D and E levels begin to decrease- leaving your body exposed with sicknesses and dry skin.   But no worries, you can easily tackle this winter with these life changing products! Here’s what you’ll need:


–Makeup Remover:– 

Great Makeup Remover!

With a few swipes, my makeup is off my face!

–A Deep Cleanser:–

img_1576 img_1521

Before you start on face washes and cleansing waters, start with a deep cleansing face mask. I use this Aztec Indian Healing Clay to extract all the toxins in my skin and leave me with a fresh glow. This clay specifically lifts the pimple and blackheads into the clay bed to cause accelerated healing and nourishment to the skin with a variety of minerals. What makes this clay a magic cleanser lies in the ability of the clay to absorb impurities or toxins, heavy metals and other waste products found within. For it to be so powerful, it definitely did NOT put a dent in my wallet. I purchased this product from for $8! Another fun fact is that it can be also used for your hair!

— A Gentle Face Wash:–


I recently started using this product and it’s absolutely AMAZING! The moment this product hits the water it instantly lathers. The way it feels on my skin is equivalent to slicing butter from a hot knife. Once rinsed, my skin does not dry up or become cracked. It completely takes away the makeup on my face which is a plus also.

–A Toner:–


For keeping my skin even and in tact. This will not dry nor irritate your skin!

–A Moisturizer:– 


Okay, first let me say.. THIS. SMELLS. AMAZING. Now that I got that off my chest, this product is another one of those buttery smooth ordeals that leaves my skin amazed. With it’s multi-vitamin formulas and smooth texture, it’ll hydrate your skin and prepare it for the nest day.

If you have any tips or products to try, leave them in the comments below!



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