Are You Down With OPP(ORTUNITY)? 3 Pieces of Advice on Finding Great Opportunities

What happens when your good is great, and your great is groundbreaking?

I have multiple talks with my friends. It sometimes ranges from politics, to pop culture, roast sessions (85% of the time) and our futures. Although we have a plethora of topics to last for days, it always comes back around to our crafts. Our job-leaving, wake up every with a smile on our face, earth shattering passion. It’s a mutual agreement that we’re pretty boss in our prospective careers. Now, please don’t get confused, we don’t sit around a library with a fireplace smoking Cuban cigars bragging about ourselves. We just feel that our talents should at least be recognized.

You ever felt that way? You either feel that more people should listen to your music, read your blog, like your inspirational statuses, comment more on your latest Instagram post or laugh louder at your jokes. Be praised by thousands of millions of people for bring more awesomeness to the world, but all your need is one opportunity.

Ah, the ‘O’ word. Opportunity. 

Each day I’m encountered with many people through many forms of communication. We talk about our dreams and what we describe as “The Perfect Life”. One wants to be a Preacher; spread the gospel and save souls the same way how his was. He was once incarcerated, number of drug and burglary charges with a two year old child and a number of broken promises. He explained that the whole world was literally against him. I met him around Thanksgiving during a volunteer outing, the time where family is the most cherished and blessings are being counted more than to-go plates with leftovers. He explained that, even as a saved man, was turned away from his family and his child over the same fear that he’ll relapse again. During his testimonial, I noticed that he kept using the ‘O’ word.

“If I had the opportunity to to help turn lives around, even my family’s, I would not waste any time. God gave me the opportunity to turn my life around and I took it. I’ve never looked back.”

See the funny thing about opportunity is that if could either make or break you. Jay-Z gave Rihanna the opportunity to prove herself worthy of a deal, now she’s slaying literally life (Hey Hov, if you want to give another opportunity to a nice girl from Fort Worth, hit my line!). I gave tacos the opportunity to make me full, but in the end I got food poisoning (EXILE!). See how that works?

As a blogger, I look for multiple opportunities to showcase my many talents. Whether it’s on YouTube with my story telling skills, Instagram with my singing or right here on my blog. I know deep in my heart if a company gave me the opportunity to work with them, I’d soar high as an eagle.

But, not all opportunities are good opportunities. 

I had an old friend (A-Friend) who was constantly jealous of my other friend (B-friend). Normally if you’re jealous of something or someone, you just let it slide and pray to God it goes away. There was one instance where there was an opportunity to be recognized by major talent scouts. We were all pretty interested in modeling and becoming a ‘star’ but of course there had to be only one wth the ‘IT’ factor. We strutted and and twirled harder than Kenya Moore on RuPaul.

“This is it. It’s time to show everyone how better I am. This is the opportunity to shine.”

It was time for B-Friend to show what she had, wowing the judges and almost instantly being signed. It wasn’t until the A-Friend stormed up and bumped her. Please be in mind that we were pre-teens and cursing in front of top networks aimed at children weren’t our pass to golden Hollywood. I hope you can guess what happened by now; B-friend throws major f-bombs, gets disgusting remarks. While A-Friend gets noticed by MTV and pre-reality networks. Later down the line and $15,000 later, she’s still chasing fame.

Opportunity is a motherfu..sorry mom. It’s a piece of work. But here are 3 pieces of advice for finding good opportunities:

  1. Work Your Butt Off.

    You feel that you can go any higher than where you are currently in your craft. But trust me; you can. Heck, even Beyoncé works tirelessly to become better than what she already is. And she’s Beyoncé! There’s always room for improvement to learn a new short cut, develop a better mixing style, or dodging a punch quicker.

  2. Brush Up On your Existing Skills.

    I’m constantly on YouTube learning about different editing skills. Currently, I’m on iMovie now trying to become better than my last version of myself. I log onto Photoshop everyday to see what I could’ve done better to make my images sharper, cleaner, and more optimized. Although I’m not at where I need financially, I’ve been getting vocal lessons to brush up on my American Idol auditions later this year. Start to constantly develop into a better version of yourself everyday. Even if it’s waking up earlier day by day.

  3. Stay Humble.

    It’s okay to feel like you’re the bees knees. But please, do not think you’re the savior of filmmaking, singing, or any craft. As if the world would crumble at your feet if you don’t tell us what the secret to great abs are. You’re human, who makes mistakes, and wakes up late just like the rest of us.

26 thoughts on “Are You Down With OPP(ORTUNITY)? 3 Pieces of Advice on Finding Great Opportunities

  1. Love love love this! It’s crazy how some people want opportunities, but do little to no work to prove themselves though.

  2. Great post! Very encouraging! It’s crazy because some people spend time preparing for things but I scared of the opportunities when they arise.

  3. Really great post that helped me to be more introspective about how much work I’m putting in, thank you!

  4. Are you friends with my friends orrrr? It’s like a constant need to level up and honestly sometimes I get in my feelings looking at people who gain huge followings really quickly but then I realize as long as ONE person is reading and I’m constantly advancing my draft then I’m good

  5. I constantly feel like (especially because of where I went to college) there’s this invisible competition amongst my friends and classmates. Everyone’s continuously trying to one up each other and honest I’ve gotten quite tired of it. You’re tips are great for someone like me who’s trying to stay and focus on creating my own lane and opportunities.

  6. I constantly feel like (especially because of where I went to college) there’s this invisible competition amongst my friends and classmates. Everyone’s continuously trying to one up each other and honest I’ve gotten quite tired of it. You’re tips are great for someone like me who’s trying to stay and focus on creating my own lane and opportunities!

  7. It’s all about being a better version of yourself each day! Loved this post. I definitely need to get into to photoshop to work on my images.

  8. Great read! We should always stay humble. Be on guard when opportunity comes. Just like friend A & B, B dropped the ball when she dropped her composure after a jealous A bumped into her. People want to see how you deal with pressure and negativity. She showed it negatively. Yes, not all opportunities are good or great ones. You’re just going to have to sift through them.

  9. My mom would quote this to me from the bible, “If you are too lazy to plow, don’t expect a harvest”. Truest words spoken. We have to be committed to working towards our dreams and surrounding ourselves with like minded, goal oriented people as well. All you can do is focus on your growth and keep moving forward!

  10. I love the positivity of this post and the tips are spot on as well. We definitely live during a time where knowledge is right at our fingertips and we just have to be proactive about acquiring it.

  11. Ooohhh this is so good. It’s important to know what you bring to the table and be confident in it. It’s also important to know how to be humble and work hard. Nobody like someone who rests on their laurels and skates by on just talent. These are great tips! Thanks for sharing!

  12. These are tips to live by for sure. I’ve learned that what is for me is for me. There is nothing anyone can do to mess that up for me. I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready.

  13. Three simple tips that definitely make a difference. I know for sure that being open and ready for the opportunity is the first step.

  14. Good tips! Skill improvement is major! Staying at the same level or being stagnant isn’t welcoming to opportunity.

  15. These are great tips! I’m definitely always working on how to improve upon different skills needed for my blog.

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