Best (and Worst) of 2017!

2017 was definitely the year of unexpected surprises. I lost my job, went broke (actually still am tbh), and ultimately reached the lowest point in my adult life. Well, so far. But weirdly enough, this was the year I started living my ‘best’ life. I’m in the process of launching a new business next month, I went further in my blogging, and my family and friends are still here. I know 2018 is being hyped as one’s “Best Year Ever” but honestly I’m just trying to prosper. I don’t want to set extremely high resolutions and pack on the pressure to achieve them. If it happens, it happens. Nevertheless, I’m extremely happy for the road i’m going in. There will be times I will be down or not in the mood to win, but I’ll keep going. Like these moments below:

I Lost My Job:

This photo was taken the day before it happened. I told my self the night before work that I needed to “Get my sh*T together”. Ironically I had to get it together quick. I admit my faults, but also understood my worth. I’m currently employed by two companies and will be opening my business next month. There are times where I look back on my performance and beat my self up on what I could’ve done better. But the past is the past, and I only have time for the future.


I Created my First Travel Post!

Although my very first resolution of 2017 was to travel more, ironically 2017 said, ‘NAH.’ I couldn’t travel the country on limited funds! Luckily, my family and I traveled to Galveston, TX for Independence Day Weekend and the experience was so much fun! I hope to travel more in 2018! Where are some good spots to go? Let me know!

I was Diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes:

…But I Also Took More Care of My Health:

I have dreams of going a Pro Cheer team in the new year and what better way to prepare than to make it a Fitness journey?! After my diagnosis, I was ultimately shocked that at 24 I could be a target for a disease geared toward middle/older people. Should I share my journey and new eating habits for content?

April 2017

December 2017:

I Made my Way Back to the Dance Floor:

…And Couldn’t Let Go:


See what I mean? 2017 was the most productive/depressing year of my life (so far.) 2018 better be ready for me cause I’m coming.

Happy New Year my friends!

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