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Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone’s week was just as great as the last one. As much as I’d like to dance around this topic, I’ll just flat out say it. I had a mental breakdown. On Valentine’s Day.

It wasn’t for the fact I was single (I could honestly careless), or I didn’t get anything (I could get myself things), it was just for the simple fact that I felt everything was weighing down on me at the wrong time. My job, my blog, financial issues, health, and a plethora of other things was mentally binding. I felt that everything I was working towards was falling piece by piece.

Even if I felt the world was was on top of me, luckily I found two ways to control/rid myself of mental destruction:

  • Talk to Someone You Trust: I probably can count on one had the people I absolutely trust with my life. The trinity (My Mom, Aunt, and Grandmother), my best friends, and myself. That day I probably cried more times than I smiled and made sure to log and discuss my problems with the people listed above. I go to them because each person has advice from different viewpoints. My mom is great for bringing reality back to me, letting me know that I’m still so young yet I accomplished so much. Grandmother is great for comforting me, her hugs and prayers are so powerful. My aunt is great for reassurance, giving me great alternatives for the given situation. 
  • Have Reminders of Your Worth: My mom is awesome. Spilling every detail of my breakdown, I felt so ashamed that I even allowed myself to get to this point. I cried it out until tears couldn’t even form, I felt physically sick, and my eyes looked like I was a heavyweight champ. After feeling sorry for myself, I shuffled to the bathroom to wash my sadness off. Little did I know, mom turned my bathroom into a sanctuary of worth (featuring my 10 year old cousin too, hi Jaidyn!). Since then, I hadn’t taken them off because it’s great to be constantly reminded that you’re a total boss.  There will be times that it’ll come again, maybe hit harder. But knowing that these options are out there are the silver lining of these breakdowns. How do you handle mental breakdowns?

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