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Breaking Free of Anxiety and Doubt: 3 Affirmations to Tell Yourself Daily [Free Download]

Not gonna lie: I experienced an Anxiety attack a couple of days ago.

It takes over you like a thunderstorm rolling in. You suddenly feel like you’re not doing enough, not good enough or entirely too late to the adulting party. It is a complete roller coaster of emotions weighing down on you with no intentions of letting up. Mine was Friday. I came home from an exhausting day feeling tired, hungry and ultimately unmotivated to do anything. I had just logged into Instagram when I saw a video of a class I wanted to take the that day in Frisco. Seeing them do the choreography then following up seeing perfect ladies with rock hard abs had me regretting the taco I ate on the way home. But ultimately it did something to my spirit. Suddenly I was questioning my probability of being laughed at come auditions.

“I’m too fat.”

“I’m washed.”

“Why am I making a fool out of myself trying out for these teams?! Everyone’s gonna laugh at me.”


Oddly enough, to try to rid myself of this feeling, I went to the living room to dance it out. I started doing freestyle to the suggested music at auditions and eventually got into it. Twists and turns later, I realized that the only way to break out of this funk is to prove myself wrong. Throughout my dance session, I fell numerous times. As soon as I hit the ground I got right back up to work harder at not falling. When I got done, I came to reality with four important thoughts.

“No matter what, you’ve surpassed a goal you thought you never dreamt of achieving.”

“You’re not washed, just a little rusty. And that’s okay.”

“You’re beautiful.”

There will be times where you feel as though you are doing horrible at life, maybe even the worst to ever do it. But once you fall the only place to go is up. Believe it or not, there’s someone watching you and your journey to success and being inspired.

You got this.

Below are some affirmations I say to myself during my morning routine that you might want to try. If you download them, be sure to tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #MorningWorth! Let me know if you like this idea!

Affirmation One

Affirmation 2

Affirmation Three

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