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Happy Thursday everyone!

For the loyal readers of my blog, you know I don’t normally post on Thursday  but the turn of events had me doing otherwise!

Isn’t it aggravating to have a whole outfit envisioned in your head only to put it on and completely hate it? That was basically the day I’ve faced. For the first half of work, I received so many comments (lighthearted of course) about how I was dressed as a bank teller or a flight attendant about to take flight! I looked back at my outfit and was completely stunned about how I was so excited to wear this pairing and yet, not incorporate ANY color!

During my lunch break, I stopped by my local Target and grabbed this floral scarf to add a pop of color. Then, I looked into the depths of my car and found this faux leather jacket from Forever 21 to add some edge and toughness. This doesn’t have a philosophic meaning or a word of encouragement (unless it’s to add color), just a small excerpt of my day and how I turned from being clowned to wow’d.

Have you ever experienced this? Let me know in the comments!

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