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It’s something about an HBCU that makes me feel so warm inside. Your friends you haven’t seen in forever (even if it was just a month ago), walking the majestic campus and automatically feeling even more proud of your Alumni status, or just sitting back and taking in the view of over 100 years of excellence. Not only is homecoming known for the tailgates (Although, PVAMU’s tailgate experience is BY FAR the best two days spent)  but it’s actually a meaning within itself.


I spent five years of my life transitioning into the early stages of adulthood which feels like a dream that only few are chosen to witness. I made friends that taught me about enjoying life and restoring faith in myself, had near-death experiences that are only for the brave-heart, and even cried more than twice.  What I admire most about HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities)  is the love you get to embrace. It’s more than playing spades in the ‘black part of campus’, Catfish Fridays, and going to lit kickbacks. It’s learning more about your history, facing adversaries, and growing in your own truth. It’s actually a privilege to attend an HBCU cause only the strong survive.

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Top: H&M

Pants: Old Navy

Jacket: Levi’s

Shoes: Chuck Taylor

Sunglasses: LA Fashion District ($5!!!)

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