I Decided To Not Make Resolutions for 2018. Here’s Why.

Seven is the number of completion, which means 2017 is a ‘good riddance’ to a phase of your life that housed negativity and fear. Eight is the number of new beginnings; which means that 2018 will be a lighthouse for creation, purpose, and hustle.

Today at work, we got to talking about our hopeful wishes for 2018. Some of them wanted to focus more on their health; while others wanted to start a business or find love. Normally, on the last day of the year I crack open a notebook that I haven’t opened all year and jot down around 15 goals to achieve before the next year. Before I answered, I had an idea of what could make the list.

  • Transform My Wardrobe
  • Make my left split.
  • Cut my hair.
  • Read more.
  • Launch my businesses.

As I got older, they were more detailed and and elaborate than ‘discover a unicorn’ (although that was pretty abstract.). 2017 was definitely the year of God doing unexpected things. Losing my job, getting diagnosed and gaining weight, to falling into a deep depression were some of the many. As I sat at my office table on 12/31, notebook in hand, I had a thought. With God shaking the table in 2017, despite MY resolutions, why make another? Even if 2017 was a complete s**t show, there were sliver moments that made it worthwhile. The times in between the crying where I laughed, calculating my next move then ending up going with the flow, and just letting life take over.

Calculating and timing the process was what my mindset was for 2018. List-building is my cardio and procrastination is my kryptonite. I spent the first half of 2017 calculating and planning what I wanted.

This year I vow to just let God take over. Be present in the moment. Take time with family. Make memories. Follow my heart, but listen to my mind. Be consistent. Know when to rest. Know when to let go.

But more importantly,

keep going.


Did you make any resolutions this year? Let’s chat in the comments!



5 thoughts on “I Decided To Not Make Resolutions for 2018. Here’s Why.

  1. I loved this. I also did not make resolutions necessary but I want to improve on things that I thought could be better in my life. I do still believe resolutions can be great if you stay committed to them.

  2. It seems that with all you’ve gone through you truly have one resolution and it’s to keep going. There’s no reason you would have to plant such a difficult seed in 2017 without getting the bombest crops out of 2018. Here’s to keeping on keeping on.

  3. I didn’t make any resolutions this year. Like I have normal career goals but they aren’t any different from the previous few years. I will say that I do have things I learned last year. I plan to not make those same mistakes again. So I guess that a resolution by association lol.

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