My Fluffy Braidout Tutorial!

For a while, I’ve been wanting to incorporate new lanes in my branding. Youtube is definitely no stranger to me or my computer, (I’ve been posting vids for 7 years!). I haven’t utilized my channel for it to be an all around go-to channel for all types of folks so here’s my chance! I recently tried out a Braidout hair style and I LOVE the results! So, I decided to share my method of this style.




Please let me know in the comments if this is something you’d like to see more of!




13 thoughts on “My Fluffy Braidout Tutorial!

  1. Very cute style and I love your hair color. I have done twist outs on my hair before, but never a braid out. I will have to try that, especially after I do another big chop in a few months.

  2. Very very cute! Braidouts never turn out well on me. I do twist outs every now and then. Right now I look like psycho bob off the Simpsons though , so you’ve inspired me to go do something with my head, lol:)

  3. I have natural hair but do not know how to style do my hair, My hair is always in braids, I would love to do a braid out on my hair.

  4. Your hair looks good. I haven’t had any luck with braid outs yet. I’m waiting for my hair to get a bit longer to give it another go. I love the video, but think the music is a bit overwhelming which makes it kind of hard to hear you. (hope you’re not offended by the comment).

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