Global Warming: February and Fashion in Texas | Fashion

by Taylor-

Happy Wednesday my loves!

I hope you’re enjoying National Margarita Day as much as I am! There’s a meme going around causing a viral effect about how warm it is in February. Although I’m always a shoe-in for 85 degree weather, in the back of my mind I know it’s supposed to be snowfall.

But since it isn’t.. let’s enjoy some leg out moments.



Just a 24 year old trying to wake up before noon.


  1. Taylor

    First off, these pictures are GORGEOUS! Secondly, I absolutely enjoyed myself a margarita yesterday. Who doesn’t love a delicious marg?

    xo, Taylor (

    23 . Feb . 2017
  2. Annika Barnett

    Yasss! Love the outfit. I am also enjoying this warm weather but a kinda concerned about global warming :/
    Keep doing your thing!

    Annika (

    24 . Feb . 2017

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