Holiday Cards: Reviving the Lost Art of Small Mail

With the million and one ways to communicate, we seem to get lost in the authenticity of the connection.

We tend to type ‘lol’ with a straight face (guilty), solve problems without verbally speaking to one another (not guilty), and only exchange well wishes and ‘Happy Birthdays’ through social media (sometimes guilty). I want to make 2018 the return of small mail. To me there’s nothing more exciting than receiving mail (unless its bills), and it makes it even better when it’s personalized.

Photos, sentimental messages, and conversations tend to always get lost within our phones and computers. In my opinion, social media and mobile devices plays a big role in the downfall of human interaction. Although these technologies and softwares makes a positive impact on how we see the world, they also bring a negative impact on sensitivity and compassion. I’m not doing this to be a hipster, or for clout. Just a person who misses how it feels to share and show love in the most purest form.

I purchased these cards from Hobby Lobby and they were 50% off! Which totaled out to be $4.99.

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I hope to see more people participate in making small mail happen again. And if you are, here are some Holiday etiquette to get you started:

  • Do leave a handwritten note. Even if it’s just your favorite quote.
  • DONT forget a return address on the envelope.
  • DO be sensitive to all holidays. Everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Kwanza or Hanukkah. I try to find cards that sends a neutral message such as ‘Season’s Greetings’, ‘Happy Holidays’, or “Merry and Bright”.
  • DONT send them to the person you just met at the store. Send them to people who will appreciate the small gesture of kindness.
  • DO send them by December 8 to ensure they’ll be in on time.

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