“I Just Got Fired, What Do I Do?” 6 Things To Do After Termination

Before you read, this was originally written May 31, 2017. I have since received two job offers as of July. You can read that here.

Yes I got fired, but like the philosopher Big Sean states, “I just took an ‘L’, but I’m going to bounce back”. (Or something like that).

Just like the title states, I just got fired. At approximately 3:45 p.m. on May 31, 2017, I was unemployed. I’ve only been fired twice in my life; once two years ago when I worked for Dillard’s-they were transforming into an outlet store and needed to make cuts and today. Dillard’s wasn’t a biggie for me. I had developed swollen feet, no time for a personal life, and was just plain tired of retail. My last job (as of May 31,2017) didn’t really take me by surprise either. I’m still in that gray area of optimism and fear.

At this point, advice honestly goes from one ear and out the other. You have to get tell yourself you have nowhere to go in the morning. I have a bill to pay tomorrow and have to stretch Friday’s paycheck until I find something else. It sucks. Your self-esteem is literally broken down into a million pieces. But like I said earlier, this isn’t my first go-around. Hopefully this post can not only help me, but help whoever out there that just got fired too.

  1. It’s okay to cry.

    Let it out. Cry until you can’t cry anymore. Literally wail out loud. It’s okay. When I heard the words, “We’re separating employment from you”,  I bursted into tears. I literally cried from cleaning my office out to coming home. I would’ve rather been punched in the face.

  2. It’s okay to feel like a failure.

    Naturally, you think of a million and one ways of how you could’ve done better. I repeated all of my days from January 2016 to now to see my weak points. I analyzed my grammar mistakes, looked over my time card, and even looked at my office to see how it could’ve been neater. You look at your bosses and supervisors and wonder how they have it all together. How could they possibly help carry the weight of this company while balancing personal life? Why couldn’t I just do that? The thought is so simple. After you get done feeling sorry for yourself, dust off and keep moving forward. Yea it sucks, but so does sulking in your depression.

  3. Occupy your free time.

    I didn’t gain all losses from this termination. I can channel everything into my sites. I’ve been holding off creative ideas since December because I was so swamped with work. I can finally create content for my Youtube Channel. Now that I have the free time to write and create, I can finally go forward and trust God with my paths. I can focus on music, network, and find time for family without being tired. I’ve been getting back into dance as of late. I want to try out for a pro team next year.  I have no idea where the next dollar is going to come from, so I’ll have to improvise on how I’m going to fund my passions.

  4. Get out the House.

    When I got fired from Dillard’s, the next morning I just went downtown. Obviously, I couldn’t do much because of the limited funds but I felt great. I felt like I was heading somewhere important, like I had nothing to worry about for that moment. I went to the gym and lost 10 pounds, and I may need to do that again. The more time you sit inside and feel sorry for yourself, the less you’ll see that things will get better. Update: I actually lost 20 pounds after this termination. Stress weight is a thing people. 

  5. Pinch as Much as You Can.

    In my last post, I mentioned that I wanted to start a series on saving money. Learning how to shop your own closet, making low cost things look high quality and much more. Unfortunately, I didn’t take saving seriously as I should so now I’m suffering my consequences. Which brings me to my last point.

  6. Trust God.. no really..TRUST HIM.

    It sounds SO CLICHE. But trust me, it helps. It’s not going to seem easy, but it’ll be worth it. Pull yourself together, get your nails done, and move forward.

It sucks, I know. You feel like you failed your family, yourself and your dignity. It’s going to be okay. This setback is the setup for a major comeback, and you’ll be there for all of the action.




5 thoughts on ““I Just Got Fired, What Do I Do?” 6 Things To Do After Termination

  1. oh that really sucks, but I’ve been there too girl. That’s why I started a business. I didn’t get fired, but I got laid off, and nothing is worse, than trying to figure out how the hell you’re going to pay your bills. Thankfully with entrepreneurship, nobody can actually really “fire” you but #6 though! God is the main source of all of our strength and thankfully we can lean on Him when you need to.

  2. Good tips! It’s easy to go into a dark place and feel sorry for yourself. The biggest thing is trust and belief that things will get better and you will indeed bounce back!

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