My Favorite Lipstick Shades to Gear Up for Fall!

Summer is almost over which means my favorite season is almost here! Not only does Fall hold football season (Go Cowboys!), and my birthday month but it also great time to explore Fall shades of lipsticks! It may be the early peaks of Fall but here are my faves to kick off the season!

Growing up, I was definitely that girl that experienced different ‘phases’. Being a tomboy in middle school, dabbling into the Emo/Punk Rock Scene, and entering into the phases of trying to change myself just to fit in. Entering into college was the defining moment that I don’t have to conform into a certain group. Each of those phases I entered growing up actually HELPED me define my personal style and look! Each of these shades represent a piece of my personality that allows me to find conformity in nobody but myself.

  1. Colourpop Cosmetics (Ultra Matte Lip):


    2.  Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes


  • Covet (Brown)
  • Sugar (Holiday Cranberry Red)
  • Obsession (Soulful Purple)
  • Gorgeous (Bright Pink)

Now being 23 (almost 24!) I’m starting to explore more bolder styles and colors that represents maturity and sophistication. I tend to lean towards more matte shades because of the way it creates a subtle but major statement. I adore these brands because each formula is not harsh on my lips, plus the speedy drying time makes getting ready in the morning so much easier.

3. NYX


  • Transylvania
  • Teddy

4. MAC Cosmetics:


  • Sheer Madness (Zac Posen Collection)
  • Evening Rendezvous (Magic of the Night Collection)

What’s your favorite shade? Do you have any recommendations for Fall? Share in the comments below!



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