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New to the Gym? Read This First.

Joining the gym can definitely be a scary thing. Especially if your last time working out was high school gym class.

Although I am no stranger to exercise or gym memberships, rejoining after a long period of time was definitely a scary experience. First let me tell you, it is normal. Everyone faces a certain level of anxiety when it comes to a new journey to their lives. What machine to go on? How many miles can I run the first go around? Can I just count the sauna as a workout? It’s quite overwhelming. First let me tell you, you are already doing a great job taking better care of your health. I’ll never forget my first day back at the gym. It felt like going through a new school all over again. Finding my way around the machines, learning the ins and outs of classes and what I like. But now being a two year member, I realized; nobody is paying attention. As self centered that sounded, it’s completely true. People are so in their zone that they have no time to pay attention to what the next person is doing. To help you out, here are some of my pointers before you start! 

Know the Ins and Outs of Your Gym: 

I’m talking club memberships, hidden fees, classes, etc. Normally a representative will take you on a tour before you sign the dotted line. But incase they didn’t cover these below, ask about these vital pieces of information:

  • Temporary Suspension – The policy incase you have hardships or running low on money for a significant amount of time (My gym charges me half off when I have to temporarily suspend my membership).
  • Services provided – Most gyms aren’t equipped with showers, saunas or towel services. Also, if classes are limited to those who pay a little extra for the full experience.
  • Classes – Sometimes I like to switch up the tempo and take a class. My gym provides classes from TRX Bootcamp to Hip Hop Cardio!
  • Specials and promotions – When I signed up, I got a killer deal for $19/month membership all by checking my email, ask before you get cheated into paying a higher price.

Invest In a Great Gym Bag: 

In my early years of membership, I used to leave my keys in my car and only take my water bottle and headphones. Now, I don’t even know what I could do without my bag! Whether it’s a back pack, duffle bag or even a small shoulder bag, a gym bag is a complete necessity. Now that I go more right after work, I take my gym clothes and tennis shoes and any other necessities needed to be prepared for a sweat session. I’m going to post a ‘What’s in My Gym Bag?’ soon to give you an inside look to a well prepared gym visit. I own an Adidas Duffle Bag (pictured below!) and it’s extremely durable to any surface or situation!

Check out my other suggestions on gym bags under $50!

Invest In Some Great Tech Gear:

I was gifted my first pair of Beats Wireless Headphones for Christmas and let me tell you… my workouts improved TREMENDOUSLY after I used them. Before, I used cheap $5 headphones from the gas station and they were the the most annoying things on Earth! Having to constantly keep up with my phone while untangling the wires made my workout way harder. With wireless headphones, you’re able to put your phone away while you’re in your zone at the gym!
I’ve linked some cheaper wireless headphones down below so you can get on board!
Not only Wireless Headphones help play a part in my journey, but my Fitbit did as well. It’s able to track my steps throughout the day, challenge me to go the extra mile all while keeping up to date with my calls and text messages.

Find Appropriate Shoes:

Since joining, I’ve become a big sneaker head. I’m currently saving for Adidas for my dance classes and new running shoes to fit the form of my feet. Also, I feel super cute when I have cute gym shoes and it amps my workout even further. You would want shoes that are appropriate to whatever workout you are doing. For example, running shoes (like these) are great not only for treadmill work, but can also support you at the free weights. Flat sneakers (like these) are great for any that requires a lot of movement like Zumba or dancing.

Find Your Jam:

This is pretty obvious. Nothing completes a great gym session than a killer playlist. I normally opt for rap or pop stations, but on occasions I break out the indie pop or hot country stations on Spotify! Here are some of my favorite playlists on Spotify to get your going!

To sum everything up, feeling exhausted or scared is completely okay. You are taking a positive step to living a better life and on a path to motivate someone else! Buy yourself a cute gym outfit, pack your gym bag and get your music blasting. It takes time to get in the groove of your workout routine. Believe me, I’m two years strong and I still struggle with following my routine. But once you get a taste of what a good workout feels like, you can’t get enough. Soon enough, you’re a star at the TRX machines, held your yoga pose a little bit longer and went the extra mile on the treadmill. You know what? Let’s start with two days a week at the gym. I guarantee after a while you’ll be going everyday of the week! If you need anymore encouragement, shoot me an email at! 

4 thoughts on “New to the Gym? Read This First.

  1. These are great tips! I am having a very hard time getting back into the gym these days! But I might just take it step at a time. These tips aren’t perfect for beginning gym goers!

  2. This was a wonderful and helpful post for those looking to improve their health this year. I also got Beats wireless earphones because they’re so much more convenient! I really need to create a workout playlist thought. I often spend too much time finding a song/skipping songs during my workouts. I would love to see a post about what workouts you do at the gym next time!

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