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Me and setting goals have always been a Love/Hate relationship. I can admit, I’m lazy at times (kind of exaggerating), and get unmotivated pretty easily. But my focus word for the month of October is


September was a crazy month planning and creating the building blocks for my website and preparing to record for my music project, and October is dedicated to watching it unfold. With planning photoshoots, video scheduling, dealing with personal issues, and being at work, I definitely have to stay consistent with ALL aspects of my life.

  • Stick to My Set Goals

Like explained earlier in the introduction, me and setting goals have this love/hate relationship that is a force to be reckoned with. I recently watched a Ted Talk seminar explaining how we should not to focus on achieving our goals. Now, it may sound crazy and uninspiring, but I found it honestly one of the most smartest things said in 2016. I was enlightened. I felt like the infinite light bulb moment finally turned on and led me to a path of glory. Reggie Rivers spoke, “If you want to achieve your goals, you have to focus on the behaviors that are the building blocks that get you to your goals.” He explained that instead of focusing towards the end result, focus on what behaviors your exporting in your everyday life to help you reach your goals. I split my behaviors up into weeks; quite like sub-goals. I steer all my attention on that week, making sure I’m not going off track. Week one, i’m focusing on branding for my music, building up stamina, and booking performances for the holiday. Week two, I’m dedicating at least two days of self-care and not worrying about updating or learning new coding techniques, and so on and so forth. Consistence. 

  • Make ‘Self-Care’ a Priority

I tell myself all the time that I never make time for myself. Although I’m so blessed to keep busy throughout the day/week, sometimes it gets very overwhelming to try to handle things all in one breath. I’m the kind of girl that likes to get everything done in literally 24 hours. It may seem impossible, but my determined spirit tries to get it done in a steady but speedy pace. I often beat myself up over not making a deadline, or stressing to get all of my tasks done at a certain time. That normally turns into sleepless nights, TONS of crying, and me border lining giving up altogether. I had a long talk with my Grandmother about being overwhelmed with all my tasks and personal assignments feeling so defeated. She told me flat out that I need to take care of myself. I get so caught up in my desire to be successful, that I neglected the person inside fueling the fire. This month, I dedicate at least 48 hours to me. Whether getting my nails done, getting a facial, visiting friends, etc.

  • Stay Close to My Word

I’ve always been a church girl. Growing up in the South amplified this by one million. Wednesday night Bible study, Saturday youth church, and of course Sunday service. Over the years, I developed a relationship with God that like others, seemed to get ‘used too’. The only times I really called on him was when I was going through something tough, or needed my way out of a mess I made. I treated him like a bad friend; only calling on them when I need assistance or something that’ll benefit me in the end. I recently downloaded the Bible app (which seems like I’m the last person on Earth to do so.) and signed up for their study plan. I want to become closer in spirit and apply that to my daily life instead of relying on a Hymn and ‘Jesus Wept’. I’m ready to redefine my relationship on MY terms and my own pace.

  • Wake Up Each Morning With A Mindset of a Winner.

It’s not easy waking up like this everyday (unless you’re Beyoncé). Hell, I barely even wake up on time to even have a thought. Recently I woke up probably in the worst way.. I was an hour late to work, my hair was all over the place, room dirty, phone didn’t charge up, no gas, etc.. it was just a bad morning. As I was speeding down the highway trying to recover some damage, something in me just sparked. “Today is going to be a good day, not because I’m going to pretend it will be, but because I’m going to make it happen.” That day I received a call to perform for a show, got told that I could be getting a higher position at work, and completed all my tasks for the week and half of the next week. If I dwelled on the bad crap that happened earlier, then my day would’ve gone much the opposite. To this day, I think about that morning and how a positive outlook can change your whole mindset and day. Win.

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