The Perfect Polka Dot Piece for EVERY Age Group (Under $100)!

Top: H&M | Bottom: Levi’s | Shoes: Steve Madden  | Coat: H&M (Similar)

I never thought I’d blog about this (then again, I blogged about overalls coming back), but Polka Dot’s are back! Okay, well they never really left, just took a back seat. The difference is that these are not your granny’s knitted sweaters, these are the sheer, ruffled, and knitted upgrade! I currently work in retail and if I haven’t seen anymore of a print, it would definitely be dots. At first, I was already over it. I felt that I would look like an overgrown child in heels. But once you mix it with a bold color, fresh face, and body loving pieces you’ll learn to love it too. 



When I first saw this shirt, my initial though was, “I’m going to look like a Dalmatian.” No. Seriously. I saw it on H&M”s Instagram page and noticed how flawlessly it draped over the body of someone way smaller than me. First of all, if you’re planning to purchase it, get one size up. I didn’t notice the cinch of the waistline by just looking at it. Other than that, everything was pretty true to size. To complete it, I matched it with this tan trench coat also purchased from H&M. At the time, it was marked to $80.00 and that was WAY past my limit. A couple of weeks later, I found the same coat (in the same spot hmmmm) marked down for $20.00!! This is perfect for a fall brunch with your girlfriends, heading to morning worship, or going on a sophisticated outing.


Often, I see a lot of technicalities with fashion.

“No white after labor day.”

“Only cuff your jeans with converse”

“Polka Dots only apply in the spring.”

Dude, seriously? It’s 2017. If there’s any time to really go there with fashion it’s right now. If you’re still iffy about this new Fall staple, take a look at my options below on how to fit it in with your wardrobe.







Sheer Polka Dots:

The one thing I love about sheer polka dots, is the romantic feeling you get with just about any piece. It doesn’t expose too much while not being over the top. Find some of your favorite sheer pieces below. My ultimate favorite is black and white polka dots because you can mix and match with bold pieces!


Ruffled Polka Dots:

Add some edge to your wardrobe this fall! Sometimes I feel that ruffles makes me look like I took part in signing the Declaration of Independence (lol). But when worn right, I feel like a total rockstar! I like matching it with delicate pieces to add some femininity to the outfit.

Knit Polka Dots:

Of course we have to talk about Fall’s golden child; knits! No matter if you like yours tight fitted or over sized, they add a great variation to your fall wardrobe. Instead of picking out the boring solid cardigan, try stepping outside your box and check out the polka dotted ones below!

What cute Polka Dotted pieces have your seen lately?
+Photography By: Annisia Thomas

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