Ridding Yourself of Your 2016 Baggage | Lifestyle

The most important thing about entering into a new year is getting rid of baggage. Now, it could be emotional, physical, or even professional. Majority of the times it is extremely helpful to just sit down and reflect on how 2016 impacted you and what steps you need to take to make 2017 a lot lighter to carry. Here are some strategies to consider:

Emotional Baggage:  

No matter how busy your life is, it is always okay to take a mental vacation now and then. Go shopping, spend time in utter silence, or maybe snuggle up to a good book. Personally, dealing with emotional baggage is one of the heaviest weights to ever get up. Over the years, I learned that self-help books were not only a good read, but a big help as well. As a writer and blogger, I let go of my emotional baggage differently. I used this journal to finish the prompts and express how I’m feeling, offering solutions through characters and storylines, and calming my mind down when I overthink. I found the same copy in our online book store for half the cost!

Physical Baggage:

The trick I use is to think of a single word to represent each of your resolutions. Write the word in big letters and post it somewhere in your home. For example, if my resolution is to lead a healthier lifestyle, then I’d put affirmations and reminders around my home to get me motivated for cooking or a workout. If I want to skip the gym and do an at-home workout, I head over to the online store to get what I need.

Professional Baggage:

Maybe some things in your business don’t need an entire restructuring, but perhaps just a little sprucing up. Maybe your marketing collateral needs an updated look, or your front desk needs some new decorating. Even the smallest changes will help bring a new refreshing energy to your salon or spa in the New Year. Hitting the refresh button in 2017 should just be about material items. Take the time to give yourself a little TLC, too. Taking the time to unplug, breathe, and re-charge will make all the difference when you focus your energy into how to grow in the New Year.

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