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by Taylor-

Happy Wednesday cutiepies!

Ahh January, the time where we slowly but surely creep out of the holiday spirit, receiving less and less Christmas cards, and where the weather is unsure if it wants to be hot, cold, rainy, or all three! But you know what the best part is? After Christmas Sales! I scooped this grey overcoat from Target’s WhoWhatWear Collection for over half the cost it retailed! I’m not going to fib and say I haven’t been waiting on this particular item since it was stocked, so you could imagine the look on my face when it hung beautifully in the clearance area.

Wearing it is extremely comfortable. The fabric makes it easy to move around in and gives the opportunity to layer. Although I didn’t do much in this particular styling, don’t rule out more looks from my new favorite item!



Just a 24 year old trying to wake up before noon.


  1. T. Espinoza

    Yaaas coat! Grey is my favorite neutral. Thanks for giving me another excuse to go to target LOL

    01 . Feb . 2017
    • Taylor

      LOL no problem!!

      01 . Feb . 2017
  2. L.C. @ A Life of Authenticity

    That piece is killa. I’m so jealous I didn’t scoop it up on clearance. You are working it though!!

    01 . Feb . 2017
    • Taylor


      01 . Feb . 2017
  3. Ramona

    It’s such a cute coat. I love gray. It’s a great neutral option.

    01 . Feb . 2017
  4. Aija

    That whowhatwear collection has some gems. Can’t believe the deal you got on that coat!

    01 . Feb . 2017
  5. Joanna

    Really cute coat. I haven’t had a chance to check out the collection, but I’m going to look for it in my Target store. Thanks for sharing

    02 . Feb . 2017
  6. Holly

    Love that coat. Especially the color.

    02 . Feb . 2017
  7. Shelly

    That coat is fabulous!! Don’t you just love when that item you’ve been eyeing is peaking out of the clearance section? I’ve had less patience with the clearance sections lately but you’ve inspired me to press on!

    02 . Feb . 2017
  8. Joyce Brewer

    That jacket looks adorable and comfy. You wear it well.

    02 . Feb . 2017
  9. Jay Colby

    The jacket looks great!

    02 . Feb . 2017
  10. Kirstin Fuller

    You can pass that coat and those shoes over here when your done! Very cute outfit.

    02 . Feb . 2017
  11. Jasmine

    Your hair is everything! I’m loving those shoes as well!

    02 . Feb . 2017
  12. Shantel Collins

    Yes yes yes… I’m definitely an after holiday shopper. That’s especially true for those items I love that are not within my stipulated budget LOL.

    02 . Feb . 2017
  13. Kiwi

    Girl you must be in such comfy clothes for you to jump like that! Very cute coat from Target!

    03 . Feb . 2017
  14. Tiffany H.

    I love after Holiday shopping as well. I found a $6 sweater from Forever 21 and it so warm and can be used for everyday wear. I like the coat you have on.

    03 . Feb . 2017
  15. LeShelle, host of MRTV

    Yassssssssssss hunnneeee!! I tell ppl all of the time to wait until after the holidays to shop til you drop!

    08 . Feb . 2017

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