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Happy Valentine’s Day my loves!

Although I’ll be making another appearance to the ‘Single Awareness Day’ luncheon (which sadly doesn’t exist, ha!), It’s always fun to get in the spirit!

I ordered this off the shoulder dress from Boohoo and fell in love the moment I put it on! To create a vacation Summer dress, cinch the waist with a belt  or match with soft accessories and rock it on a night out with bae!

As you get older, holidays like these are not just for celebrating your partner, or singleness. It can transpire into so much more like showing yourself some love or giving love to others.

Whatever you get into today I hope, like everyday, is filled with love, appreciation, and chocolate.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


15 thoughts on “Soft and Sweet | Fashion

  1. This is super cute, this pink rose color can transition from one season to another. I would take this out on the town for drinks, to the beach with flat sandals and to brunch.

  2. GIIIIIIRL! I saw these pics on IG and fell in love with them. You are BOMB. And how is it that I have never heard of BooHoo Thank you for sharing this post and the site!

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