Thanksgiving Outfits to Hide Your Food Baby

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! …Well, almost.

I’m sure by now your kitchens are filled with aromas of greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes…YOU NAME IT! (sorry, is that joke still in?) Family confirmations are coming in and the spades table is set two days in advance. I know over here, I’m already watering at the sight of my granny’s mac and cheese, yum! Although the preparations are being made, we tend to forget the one question, “What can I wear to look cute AND scarf down food?!”

No worries. Like BET, I got you.


You would want something that not only impress the guests, but hides your growing belly full of food. Here are a few pieces that are not only on trend, but wallet friendly.



From tunics to flannels, these picks will definitely give you some moving room to eat and participate in fun activities!




While denim may be the ultimate go-to, try out these styles that will give you comfort and compliments!



The number one food baby mask. I like to wear ‘baby doll’ dresses simply because it hides three servings of mashed potatoes and four pieces of chess pie.


What’s you number Thanksgiving outfit this year?

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Outfits to Hide Your Food Baby

  1. I know this is random, but I love your hair color lol anywho back to the post love your outfit choices, the nordstrom rack mustard color shirt is so cute.

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