The Three Summer Shoes That Will Elevate Your Look!

Make a pep in your step with these awesome shoes!

Believe me when I say this: shoes shopping in the summer is the best time to try new trends. It’s not too cold to bundle up our piggies, doesn’t rain as often (unless your in a rainy climate), and you can basically match any style of shoe with any outfit. As I get older, I try to venture more and more into shoes that accent my style. Growing up, my shoe of choice was always a crisp pair of white KEDS, tennis shoes, and ballet slippers (no really, I’ve been dancing for 15 years). I’m constantly amazed at the fact that I cried wearing heels to school!
Don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of trends to try. But my wallet would cry rivers if I try them all so I chose three that can elevate any summer outfit.

Strappy Block Heels

This trend is definitely an old faithful. The block heel makes my feel feel comfortable whenever I’m at a convention or dancing the night away. I tend to variate between low and high heels based on if I want to go casual with jeans and a t-shirt or a summer dress  for a wedding. The ones I’m wearing below are from ShoeDazzle and basically goes with everything! To find more, shop my picks below!



 Flat Sandals

Whether I’m on the go, at the beach or simply needing a casual day, I always reach for my flats! I personally like sandals with a lot of personality without doing the most (if that makes any sense). The ones below are from Forever 21 and are completely comfortable! It brings some style to any plain t-shirt and jeans. To find more, shop my other faves!

Comfy Sneakers

It’s no lie, I would trade all of my shoes to wear sneakers for the rest of my life. Okay, not really but I am so quick to throw on a pair of tennis shoes to play football, tumble, or just run some errands. I got my Vans below at the storefront here in Fort Worth! Below are also some sneaker styles that you would catch me on a regular basis!

18 thoughts on “The Three Summer Shoes That Will Elevate Your Look!

  1. I’ve always wanted a pair of strappy block heels.. Can never find any in my size! Loving your pictures girl this post is perfect 🙂

  2. I’m loving the strappy block heels and the cute sneakers especially. I wear a size 12 so it’s hard to find a heel that fits appropriately or a sneaker that doesn’t look like it could be Shaq’s. I need to start incorporating little finds into my closest bit by bit because right now my shoe collection is SLIM. Sidenote, I love how block heels are casual but lowkey dressed up so I can transition from jeans to a cute dress.

  3. Loving your energy, but since you have trouble getting up before noon I dig it lol! On a serious note, I am so into sneakers nowadays especially my Chucks. I’ll always be a heels woman however, but a cute pair of flats are a must in every woman’s closet in my opinion. Again, loved the post!

  4. OMG, I was soo excited to share this post earlier. I love shoes soo much. Love your style and the 3 choices you have there for us. Thanks for this – I enjoyed reading and agreeing with you, lol.

  5. I like the flat sandals you featured, and yours are really cute! I am trying to work on finding shoes at the moment that are suitable for work!

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