A Traveler’s Guide To: Galveston, TX

A guide to all the Galveston stops, shops and shows through a tourist’s eyes.

It’s very rare that my family and I spend our Summer Vacation in Texas. Normally, we would take the traditional travel to Orlando or Anaheim to catch Disney’s fireworks display and discover a new part of the city that we could actually call our second home. This year, we decided to keep it all in state and revisit the Texas island. Within the 5 day trip, we made the absolute best of it by not limiting ourselves with just the beach and Pleasure Pier.

What to Eat:

This is our second time traveling to Galveston for Fourth of July, and I now fully appreciate the one of a kind restaurants and diners they have jammed pack in the city.


On our first night, my aunt had suggested a place her friend’s brother managed. Located in ‘The Strand’, a cluster of shops and restaurants, lies Olympia. Before we move forward; yes, I completely recommend. Not gonna lie, I was quite iffy about the mixture of Greek, American and Seafood in one restaurant. But to my surprise, it worked quite effortlessly. We had a total of 3 appetizers including:

  1. The Crabstack: A tower of blue crab meat, mangos, and avocados served with chips. 
  2. Garlic Shrimp: Jumbo Garlic Shrimp tossed with angel haired pasta 
  3. Dip Samper (compliments of the manager): A collective of cucumber dip, garlic dip, and hummus served with pita bread and feta cheese. 

I wanted to at least put in one healthy meal on the trip so I opted for Salmon, vegetables, and parmesan potatoes for my entree. What I liked most was that they asked how much seasoning and crumb you wanted on your salmon instead of assuming it for you!

A big perk of the eatery was the view of the coast and the cruise ships that sailed off while we were eating. Since we’re opting for a cruise next year, it was nice to take a small peek into our 2018 Summer!

LaKings Confectionery:

Voted as one of the top parlors in Texas, LaKings is a sugar lover’s DREAM. Going in, you get quite overwhelmed with the environment and how to work your way around. Not only doe they serve ice cream, they also provide candy, malts, coffee and in house salt water taffy. One scoop of ice cream is $3.50 but when you get it from it’s fast moving line, you could mistake it for 3!

Papas Barbecue:

The day of the Fourth, we took a trip to Webster, Texas and took a spin at Papas Barbecue. Here in Fort Worth, we have Papadeaux, Papasitos, and formerly Papa’s Burgers. As we were entering into Galveston, we noticed we saw almost ten locations and our curiosity grew! Although it’s not a full service restaurant (full service means wait staff and party seating) the food lived up to its curiosity!

I purchased the Three Meat combo with potato salad and macaroni and cheese!


What To Do:

Beaches, amusement parks, and shopping. What more can I say?

Kemah Boardwalk:

Take a quick 45 minute drive to Kemah, Texas. On your way there, you get to get an up close and personal look at the oil fields that fuels Texas and beyond! When we arrived, you have the option of shopping at retailers like Kendra Scott, Micheal Kors and Souvenir bungalows. They also have boardwalk games and restaurants of all kinds!

To ride the boardwalk rides, you’ll have to pay $24.99 or you can pay for each individual ride.

And every Friday night is Fireworks night!

Pleasure Pier:

Re-opened in 2011, Pleasure Pier has once again become the renowned entertainment spot in Galveston, Texas. Before entering you can have the opportunity to have a quick bite to eat at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp, a seafood restaurant paying homage to the film, Forest Gump. Like Kemah Boardwalk, to ride all of the rides will be a feee of $24.99 but have options to ride individual rides for a small cost.

One of the biggest perks is that you could hop off the Pier (not literally ‘hop’) and take a walk alongside the beach to cool off!

Stewart Beach:

I’m going to be extremely quick with this piece simply because of the fact they closed it extremely early and we didn’t get to take pictures. We stayed right across the street and you can go on helicopter rides, rent a surfboard and ride a water slide into the ocean! $15 parking.

Where to (erm..not) Stay:

Before we checked in, there was a lot of high hopes for the hotel we stayed in in. I’ve never experienced service like this ever in my life and hope to not go through it again.

Homewood Suites, Galveston:

Well, what can I say? Or how do I rank it? Generously I’ll give it 2/5 stars. Each night we stayed seems as though it was a continuation of the night before. The cleaning staff was either lazy or not qualified and the management tried their hardest to dance around answers to our questions. We had high hopes of this hotel because 1. it was a Hilton hotel and 2. it had just opened in March 2017. I completely understand the kinks in a new business, but with the standards I hold for this brand I was completely disappointed.


Overall, I give our Summer vacation a 8/10 (with the last to stars being the hotel). I would not mind going back for a weekend getaway and consume more Olympias!

I know it was quite a bit to read but this is my first travel post. Would you guys care to see more of these? sound off in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “A Traveler’s Guide To: Galveston, TX

  1. I’ve been to a lot of places in Texas but never Galveston! I’ll have to add this to my list of places to visit!

  2. The food photos are very tempting… luckily it’s dinner time for me! Great post, thank you for sharing…

  3. wow Galveston seems so great! I only drove though Texas ones but I didn’t really have time to explore too much which is a shame as it looks like its a wonderful state! I love that food especially that Crabstack! I want one now 😀

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