Your Ultimate Guide to Wide Calf Boots for the Fall!

Okay, we know. Fall is here.

In the past couple of years, I reached my highest number on the scale ultimately altering my clothing. My size 10 jeans were now size 14-16 on a good day, I wasn’t fully comfortable in my gain so crop tops weren’t an option, and all of my boots did not fit. Big calfs run in my family. Even in my smaller stage, my calfs could pass for pregnant if it was a woman.

With Fall comes midi knit skirts, light trench coats, and undoubtedly boots. It’s simply amazing to see plus size fashion blossom beautifully over the past couple of years. I remember there was a time where you’d have to pray for a miracle to find boots that fit over your calves! But now? Almost every retailer is carrying them into their Fall Collections! Can I get a ‘YASSSS’?!

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Auntie Meryl feels me.

To me, looking for a pair of wide calf boots takes time. I almost spent half of the 2016 Fall season looking for the perfect fit. To find my circumference I had to take it back to 9th grade algebra:

  1. Sit in a chair with both feet flat on the floor and legs at a 90 degree angle.

  2. Using my measuring tape, I bring it around the widest part of my calf. I measured both of my calves and went with the biggest one (we’re all kind of loopy!). If you don’t have measuring tape, take a string and follow the same steps. Once you’ve taken your measurement, put it against a ruler to see your size!

After I found my fit, it was time to do the most tedious procedure; shopping!

When it comes to my shoes, I like to make investments. Of course there are some that I can’t pass up, like these $17 Velvet Tennis Shoes from Walmart! But season shoes like boots definitely is worth my penny. I know everyone runs on different budgets, which is no worry! I’ve curated a list of retailers and brands for every price point! Also, if you click on each Brand, it’ll take you to the WCB area! The gift that keeps on giving!


The fist place I’ve ever purchased Wide Calf Boots. To be honest, these are probably the greatest investment I’ve made. Fortunately I received my first pair of shoes from them for $10 (plus $6 shipping). The great thing about ShoeDazzle is that they have variations of heel sizes, fabrics and colors to match anyone’s preference. They will definitely be a couple of more coins from me in the near season! But if you decide to sign up, please be aware of their monthly charge (which you can easily skip each month!).


Forever 21:

I can finally say ‘about time’ to this brand. I’ve been a big fan of Forever 21 since it first came out! Although I’m not quite in the demographic for it’s current merchandise (I can’t be an IG baddie my whole life) I can agree that it has definitely upped their plus size/wide options over the years! If it’s your cup of tea, then get to shoppin girl!


Lane Bryant:

They go up to a 19 inch shaft and size 11 and 12! Definitely not in my price range yet, but a guaranteed bookmark incase I get a raise or promoted! *looks at job*


Patent leather booties? 22 inch shaft? Size 13? Found the right place. Torrid fuels the edgy diva that isn’t afraid to rock bold cuts and go the extra mile!

Charlotte Russe:

The normally over looked brand. They recently opened up their sizing to plus size options and the response has been overwhelming. From my understanding, they have been carrying WCB before the plus size option. Either way, inclusiveness to everyone! I was online shopping recently and had to stop myself from over spending! They definitely give the femininity that I’ve been searching for with the simple touches of floral and velvet.


The mother of all shoes stores! DSW has been my ultimate go to for every season of shoes since I was a little girl. Up until now, I noticed they dedicated a whole row of boots to Wide Calf! You’ll definitely find a deal or two messing with this popular retailer!


So now that you’ve got options, here are a few tips to remember before purchasing:

  • Consider the quality of the shoe: If you would like your shoes to last you long enough to pass down to later generations, be mindful of the materials that make up the shoe, stitching and structure. I’ve purchased some boots that were SUPER cute but tore on the third wear, but also had some (like the Shoe Dazzle pair) that still holds up like the first time I wore them.

  • Make sure your local shoe repair shop has stretching options: Before I clicked ‘purchase’ I made a call to my local shoemakers to confirm that they have options to stretch out the shoe incase it doesn’t fully fit my leg. Luckily I didn’t have to make the appointment, but if I did it would have cost me a little under $40.

  • Be mindful of your outfit choices: If you would like to wear your jeans tucked it, maybe you should opt for the wider shaft so you could slay and be comfortable at the same time.

  • If it doesn’t work once, try try again: It gets discouraging, I know. It was even more nerve-wrecking for me because I never tried on my pair and was worried about the return process! But like finding a prince, you have to kiss a couple of frogs; in other words, try on a couple of pairs.

To ensure you have the best fit, you must note:

Wide Calf: 16 to 18 ¼” boot
Extra Wide Calf: 17 ½ to a 20” boot
Super Wide Calf: 18 to 21” boot

Shop My Favorites!


Did I miss any juicy stores with Wide Calf options? If so, tell me in the comments!



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16 thoughts on “Your Ultimate Guide to Wide Calf Boots for the Fall!

  1. My Calves have never been the problem, it is the upper part of my legs. I have fat legs which are a big problem when it comes to boots, but lucky I have been able to find me a few in DSW and believe it or not one pair I love in Ross. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  2. thank you for sharing. I hate boot shopping for this reason. My legs are like in-between like regular sizes and the wide calf sizes. I hate that so much. I’m going to measure my calves before I hit the store, so I won’t run into the same struggle I do whenever I shop for boots.

  3. I actually have the exact opposite problem, most of the boots are too big on the calf for me but you gave some good suggestions.

  4. As we live in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re actually going into summer so we don’t really need these. However, I know that my daughter has been looking for wide-calf boots so I’ll pass this page on to her.

  5. Awwww. That boost looks so stunning. I always wanted to wear boots here in Philippines but i cant wear it here because we really dont have a winter days here. Always hot in here.

  6. I actually never thought about measuring my calves and I don’t know why. I’m definitely going to do this tonight lol. I’m looking for wide calf thigh high boots right now. I’ve gotten a good pair for Torrid but I’m looking for more (cheaper) every day options. I totally didn’t realize Forever 21 now accounted for this. Great post!! Thanks for the tips.

  7. I was JUST talking to my girls about the wide calf struggle. I passed up on so many pairs of boots because theyr couldnt fit my calfs or thighs. Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. YASSSSS! It’s fall season aka boot season and I am overjoyed. Great tips on fall boot shopping. As a plus size fashionista, i have battled with the calf war more than once. Having go to stores saves a lot of time. Thank you for the tips!

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