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Your Ultimate Summer Guide for Sweet Treats in Fort Worth!

by Taylor-

Your summer won’t be the same without these daring delectable desserts.

Ah summer is here. I’ve honestly had a ‘Come To Jesus’ moment and accepted that my summer body will be on hold until next year (#ThirstTrappinAllSummer18). Don’t get me wrong, I’m still working out regularly. I lost 5 pounds since last week and continuously going down; Pro Dance Teams, I’m comin for ya! But until I get washboard abs, I might as well indulge in my sinful finds!

I wrote an article in my early days of blogging that one of my biggest goals for 2017 was to explore every corner of Dallas-Fort Worth. I’ve already reviewed the Top 5 Taco Shops in FTW, so it’s good to take on a new list. Anyone who knows me know that I have a REALLY bad sweet tooth! So of course I had to investigate for..blogging purposes.


Melt Ice Cream:

If you’re in the mood for some light but flavor filled ice cream, look no further! Melt Ice Cream is definitely the place to check out to fulfill your sweet tooth!  My absolute favorite is the Vanilla Bean scoop with LAVENDER whipped cream! I’ve only been twice, but as time progresses, I’m going to be more open to trying the unique flavors they have to offer! Oh, and did I mention? They have vegan options too!

Scroll below to see more recommendations!

FunkyTown Donuts:

(I do not own the rights to this photo)

Each donut is unique and crafted to perfection! Perfect start to your weekend mornings before hitting the museums! But please be aware of its hours! It’s open from 6 a.m. – 1 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, Sunday.

For more FW Donuts, scroll below:

Savor Pâtisserie

I recently started buying macaroons regularly from bakeries to satisfy the little French girl in me; so to know there’s a Macaroon-only bakery in Fort Worth, just made me elated. Flavors range from honey (with the cutest bee decor) to lavender, garnished with fresh lavender herb to top off the buttery flavor. I personally recommend purchasing the 15 count simply because it’s so hard to put them down!

Whether it’s frozen, baked or whipped, these daring treats will compliment the Texas heat this summer! Did I miss your favorite? Let me know in the comments!





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  1. Kimberly Denman

    Great read…

    15 . Jun . 2017
    • Taylor

      Thank you!

      15 . Jun . 2017
  2. KaTrina Woodson

    They all look delicious! I can wait to explore and try them out!!

    15 . Jun . 2017
  3. Autum

    Thank you for teasing me now let me go and make an ice cream cone since I have none of those treats in front of me!

    15 . Jun . 2017
  4. Allyse

    Girl I tried macaroons for the first time last month! I always thought they were so pretty ! They’re so tasty but expensive lol.

    15 . Jun . 2017
  5. Adeola

    I am such an icecream addict!

    16 . Jun . 2017
  6. Sohaiba Irfan

    Love all the desserts. There goes my diet down the drain haha 😀

    17 . Jun . 2017
  7. Caroyn Griffin

    Girl, you have me wishing I lived in Fort Worth, great Blog post.

    19 . Jun . 2017
  8. Ariel

    A donut with bacon on it?! Listen. You’re trying to get me caught up. I don’t need it but it’s a must that I get that before the year is up.

    19 . Jun . 2017
  9. Kanani Stone

    I feel like I got a sugar high just from reading! I love bacon donuts and that ice cream looked so FRESH!

    20 . Jun . 2017
  10. Jay Colby

    I’ve never heard of a donuts with bacon on it but sounds interesting. This sounds like an great place to visit.

    20 . Jun . 2017
  11. Antoinette Cain

    It all looks so yummy, especially that ice cream sandwich. I have a major sweet tooth.

    20 . Jun . 2017
  12. Jamila

    Those donuts look amazing!!

    20 . Jun . 2017
  13. Eva

    I need that bacon doughnut to get in by BELLY! All of it looks so good..

    20 . Jun . 2017
  14. LaQuisha

    Oh my, you’ve got me ready to make a trip, lol! I love a good dessert!

    21 . Jun . 2017
  15. Stacie

    Yummy! I love a good sweet treat! We have a doughnut place that sells pastries that look similar here.

    21 . Jun . 2017
  16. Elle (CleverlyChanging)

    I haven’t had a donuts in years. I don’t really eat sweets because they make me gain weight. However after reading your post, I’m craving some yummy dessert.

    21 . Jun . 2017
  17. Kiwi

    Ok I am drooling. Those donuts and the ombre demin maccarrons are too cute!

    21 . Jun . 2017
  18. Patranila

    I worked at a mini donut shoppe and we had a breakfast one that had bacon, eggs and maple syrup. I nearly killed myself eating them. I love sweets!

    21 . Jun . 2017
  19. Tiffany H.

    As im trying to stay away from sweets, you show me several yummy treats. I love the way macaroons look, they are pretty. The donuts look great as well. I normally don’t try different types, (I am old fashion donut type of girl)

    21 . Jun . 2017
  20. Aija

    The donuts look amazing. I must admit I’m on a no-added sugar plan right now. But maybe worth the indulgence after the challenge is over!

    25 . Jun . 2017

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