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by Taylor-

Happy Wednesday my loves!

Today I decided that I wanted to steer the normal fashion posts on Wednesday and talk about something a bit more serious.

Currently we’re all on a health kick with the new year and focusing more on our inner and outer beauty, so I felt that this was the appropriate time to reveal my health goals and my story.




Just a 24 year old trying to wake up before noon.


  1. Vany@misscoilyhair

    Very touching story. Your video reminded me that I really need to get back to my healthy habits. I pray that all goes well for you and that you can remain on your healthy journey and make it a lifestyle. That’s the only way you’ll make it.

    25 . Jan . 2017
    • Taylor

      Thank you so much!

      25 . Jan . 2017
  2. Kasi

    Thanks for sharing your story! Best wishes for your journey, I know you will inspire a lot of people who are going through the same things. Looking forward to following you along the way!

    27 . Jan . 2017
    • Taylor

      Thank you!

      27 . Jan . 2017
  3. Peacock Taylor

    Thanks for sharing your story Taylor Roshea!. It takes a lot to come to grips with the lifestyle changes that have to be made when pre conditions are diagnosed– no matter what the age– you’re 23, I was actually 29 when I had to step it up to fight my high cholesterol diagnosis (pre-cursor to HBP). I fought back and won, and so can you! I’ll be 44 next month and my health is excellent despite EVERYONE in my family having HBP and heart disease! There’s just so much information out there, and most of it is at least a tiny bit true, which makes it tough to get it right, right away. I provide the accountability, support, and action steps that help women (and whole families) reverse weight gain, preventable chronic disease, low energy and hormonal imbalance, and my clients are getting younger every year. #Ihatethat I’m here if you need a pep talk, and host a Feel Great Weight Workshop every month discussing the attitude, abilities and skills women need to “turn the corner” if you’re interested.

    27 . Jan . 2017
  4. La Dale Johnson

    You totally got this. You will fight this and be ok. Thank God you know now so you can make the changes you need to ❤

    29 . Jan . 2017
    • Taylor

      Exactly! I’m still in shock, but I’m learning not to dwell so much in it and just do it.

      30 . Jan . 2017
  5. LaShon Renee

    Sorry about your diagnosis. It’s good that you’re facing it head on and taking control of your health. There’s a great FB group called Fit Naturals that is a great source of motivation.

    29 . Jan . 2017
    • Taylor

      I’ll check that out! Thank you!

      30 . Jan . 2017
  6. Camesha | Mama Motivator

    Thanks so much for sharing your story and being an inspiration for others! Taking control of our health is so important. Last year was my worst year yet in terms of health. I’m making my way back though. All the best to you!

    02 . Feb . 2017

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