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West 7th’s Bites and Flights Restaurant Tasting


Like my last blog post has stated, you have to let inspiration find you. I’ve been scouring the city to find inexpensive events to ignite my love for writing and blogging! My mom invited me to an event happening on West 7th,  a rising urban district in Fort Worth, sampling culinary items from the restaurants on the strip.

Click on each photo to see what other goodies they have to offer!



For $25.00, you sampled almost every restaurant and all the goodness they had to offer. It was heaven! I tried samples from restaurants that I never hear of, new menu items, and food choices I wouldn’t normally make. Although I didn’t purchase a wine ticket, drinks were available per request from various bars on the West 7th strip.

I trailed off to some restaurants that weren’t on the program and fell into this little delight.

West 7th Macaroons

Savor Pâtisserie must be fairly new (or I just haven’t been out lately) because I would’ve DEFINITELY noticed it being there. Nevertheless, my experience was far beyond my expectations. I recently started buying macaroons regularly from bakeries to satisfy the little French girl in me; so to know there’s a Macaroon-only bakery in Fort Worth, just made me elated. Flavors range from honey (with the cutest bee decor) to lavender, garnished with fresh lavender herb to top off the buttery flavor.


Each restaurant I sampled gained my stamp of approval and I will most definitely take my friends and family!


3 thoughts on “West 7th’s Bites and Flights Restaurant Tasting

  1. Great post! All the food you posted looks so delicious, especially the macaroons! Those are my guilty pleasure 🙂

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