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Your Major Essentials for the Littest Fourth of July Cookout!

by Taylor-

Maybe #AllSumma17 hasn’t gone the way you planned.

But look no further, I created a full day of July 4th litness to turn your ordinary barbecue into the hottest spot on the block.

Fourth of July for some is the ultimate day for freedom, fishing at the lake and laying back observing ‘Merica. For others, it’s Family reunion time. Firing up the pit, seeing your favorite cousins pull up, having a lit playlist, and breaking out the cards and dominoes. Although I’ve spent the majority of my 4ths out of state on vacation, I’m pretty confident that the list below will turn your group into a guaranteed litty committee.



Your Threads:

First things first, you’ll need a fly fit that’s Instagram worthy. You have to walk in whatever function you’re going too with confidence and style. To shop this post, click on each photo!

Fourth of July Pool Party:


Family BBQ:


The Tunes:


So you have your perfect fit, now you need to set the mood for the day. I’m quite late, but I just discovered Spotify and its ‘made to order’ playlists. The Cookout playlist ranges from golden oldies to 2017 summer smashes! Make sure you give me a follow while you’re at it!

 The Grub:


Granddaddy may have his ‘word-famous’ spice rub, and Uncle might have the best baked beans in the south, but you’ll be sure to gain a new title with these suggestions straight off of my Pinterest board.


Whether you turn up with your family or friends, Fourth of July is not only a day to celebrate our country, but it’s a great day to spend with those you love and cherish. Happy 4th of July everyone and have a safe holiday!






Just a 24 year old trying to wake up before noon.


  1. Jasmine Jones

    OMG I absolutely love your GIF’s!! The 4th of July mayhem is real and I will be taking these suggestions into account, first one being that Lit playlist lol. Although, the beach doesn’t sound so bad for the 4th! May have to get me a new swimsuit!

    02 . Jul . 2017
  2. Maelysia

    Ooo This was a great post!

    02 . Jul . 2017
  3. Ahzharae

    I love your blog this post is great. I’m so ready for a BBQ asap

    02 . Jul . 2017
  4. Shainna

    lol this was so good. Nothing but facts here!!!

    03 . Jul . 2017
  5. Moriah

    Oh , this is bomb! I loved everything. Meals, fashion, playlist. You didn’t come to play!

    03 . Jul . 2017
  6. Erica

    Both those drinks looks delicious! Love this [pst.

    03 . Jul . 2017
  7. Ginger Marie

    Yaaaas! Its a lituation! Love this haha

    03 . Jul . 2017
  8. Stephanie Lane

    I love the music list……. I am in Love with those Keylime Bars….

    03 . Jul . 2017
  9. Dana

    Love how you added a little bit of something from everything here. Love the blue Sam Edelman heels! Super cute. And these drinks, yes please!!! Happy Fourth girl!

    03 . Jul . 2017
  10. Tanya

    Who doesn’t love a 4th of July party?

    04 . Jul . 2017
  11. Ada

    Ah you made me miss 4th of July! I celebrate it few times before when I used to live in US! I love the atmosphere, the food and fireworks in the end! Great playlist!

    04 . Jul . 2017
  12. Kim

    Yasss!!! I’m getting dressed right now using this as inspiration ✨

    04 . Jul . 2017
  13. Helene

    I love this post! Might I add that we began the celebrations last night…Berry Basil Sangria- Just a half bottle of red, 1 cup mashed, overripe berries and a handful of fresh, torn basil leaves. Muddle and mix and put in fridge for an hour or two. Add hibiscus/pomegranate or any berry sparkling water and enjoy. Those who are squeamish – strain the fruit and leave, I never do. Happy 4th!

    04 . Jul . 2017
    • Taylor

      Ok now THAT sounds delicious! Thanks for reading!

      04 . Jul . 2017
  14. Lah

    Drinks look bomb. Will be trying.

    04 . Jul . 2017
  15. Bri

    I love your gifs as well! Your sight is very clean and fashionable. I love it!

    04 . Jul . 2017
  16. Bailey

    Those Charming Charlie earrings are adorable!

    04 . Jul . 2017
  17. Tara

    such great picks all around!

    04 . Jul . 2017
  18. Kanani B.

    So on point! Especially the playlist!

    05 . Jul . 2017

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